ADONI-BEZEK (Heb. אֲדוֹנִי בֶזֶק; "the lord (of the city) of Bezek"), Canaanite ruler in the early stages of the Hebrew conquest of Canaan (Judg. 1:1–7) and probably leader of an anti-Israelite coalition formed by "the Canaanites and the Perizzites." The allies gathered at bezek and forced the tribe of Judah, together with Simeon, to take defensive action. The coalition was defeated at Bezek and retreated eastward towards Jerusalem. The tribe of Judah pursued and captured Adoni-Bezek and mutilated him. He was brought to Jerusalem where he died. Adoni-Bezek is most likely a title since, as a personal name, the second element would refer to a place or a god. However, a city as a component in biblical proper names is without analogy and a deity Bezek is not otherwise attested. The name is most likely a corruption of adoni-zedek (cf. Josh. 10:1 ff.). -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Y. Amit, Judges (1999), 32.

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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